This is, as usual, so infuriating I want to scream. Another of Microsoft’s stealth marketing tactics. They asked bloggers to write a short blurb on what their slogan, ‘People-ready Business’, means to them. For a bit of money, of course.
Hmm… what happened to these blurbs? Well, they ended up in banner ads. Of course.

If you want then, Mr. Gates, here is my idea of what a people-ready business is.
by J Rothwell

In my experience, a people-ready business is a business that’s finally seen sense and thrown away its computers, and is now using a pen and paper. Alternatively it could be a business using Linux. Or Macs. Either way, it’s something other than Windows.
So there. Bill, I take cheque, cash, and all major credit cards.

I am happy to say that Apple has now updated Safari so older Athlon processors can run it.
Well. Apple issued the update, but it wasn’t installed automatically. I had to give it a little kick start (read that as going into the Start menu, finding the Apple software updater and looking for the updates, telling it to download them, accepting the license agreement and waiting for it to install.)

I am now typing this in Safari. And it’s sooooooooo fast you would not believe.  It’s pretty, well thought-out, has some wonderful features and is exactly the sort of browser I need. True, it is a little buggy (this is the second time I’ve had to type this - when testing the bookmarks feature, it forgot the WordPress ‘write post’ page even existed) and rough around the edges, but I can see a great bit of software coming out of it at the end.

And for once we have a browser that doesn’t pester you if it isn’t your system’s default Internet browser, media player, shell, teapot, etc. Impressive, especially by Apple’s standards.
edit: oh no, I spoke too soon. Safari decided to remove all the line breaks from this post in the WYSIWYG editor, so I’m having to insert them in old fashioned, clunky HTML… Safari is still good though.
Some people are so stupid with passwords, it would seem, that they might as well erect a sign outside their door saying “LOOK! BANK ACCOUNTS, ONLINE PROFILES, PRIVATE INFORMATION, ALL FOR FREE!”
Malicious hackers know that a lot of computer users find it difficult to remember passwords, and will therefore choose something they won’t forget and will stick with for a long time. Easy passwords like ‘password’ or ‘open’ or ’security’ are a no-brainer, for both unsuspecting user and evil cracker.

Equally unpreferable are ‘dictionary’ passwords, as in single words like ‘cabbage’. When picking a password, if you absolutely must make it a single word, pick up a dictionary (yes, the big heavy one) and look for it. Ideally you might also want to search the full Oxford English Dictionary if your library has a copy, or check on Wiktionary. If a dictionary password is used, all the cracker has to do is try all the words in the dictionary and he’s in.

Obvious numbers are also a big no-no. Don’t use your date of birth, phone number or the box you won Deal or No Deal with. Neither should you use your username, and definitely don’t use a blank password. This allowed the British hacker Gary McKinnon to enter NASA’s systems and then make wild, ridiculous claims about UFOs and free energy.

The best policy for generating passwords is to put something in at random, a combination of letters, numbers, and preferably some symbols like # ~ @ etc. It should be at least eight characters long, and changed at least every year, preferably every three months.

And writing passwords down should be avoided whenever possible. If you need to write down your home password, then keep it under lock and key (eg in a safe). NEVER write down your business password.
You may think I’m being a bit over-the-top in this, but it is incredibly important in these days when identity theft is widespread and as easy as rummaging around in someone’s bins. And I can’t imagine your boss being very happy if he finds out that a rival company employed someone to crack your weak password and steal a document called StrategiesForAdvantageAgainstCompetition.docx. 

Both identity theft and corporate espionage are big business and on the Internet, there are people who will do anything to make a few quid.
Well, to be fair, it is beta software, but a bug all the same.

Lots of bugs, in fact.
The problem is with Apple’s Internet browser, Safari. It’s a great bit of software (better than Firefox in many respects) and I was delighted to hear that its latest beta is now available for Windows. (I don’t like using Windows but don’t have much choice as the WAN adapter won’t work with Linux and I can’t afford a Mac.)

Imagine my shock, therefore, when Safari was not only slow, sluggish and buggy (as described on the Apple discussion forums) but failed to open at all!
*dramatic Psycho music*
Well, it didn’t completely fail to open. However, I did have one of those unwelcome encounters with Microsoft’s  ‘we’re sorry for the inconvenience but your program crashed - please tell us and we’ll make it better, honest’ dialogue boxes.
I didn’t send it to Microsoft.

After browsing Apple’s discussion forums still further (in Firefox, as Safari wouldn’t get past displaying the toolbar) I found that Apple had actually forgotten to compile one of the drivers (?) for AMD processors.  Oops…
I did test Safari on a (Intel) Celeron machine earlier this afternoon, and it worked fine - until you tried to use the BBC website when it crashed completely.
Oh dear.

That’s beta software for you. I eagerly await the patch.
Despite what the shop said, your optical mouse does need cleaning from time to time. If it isn’t cleaned, your mouse will 

Advantage of Using SEO for Business

We all know that having a business is not easy, especially when you already have invested too much. Business owners are having a hard time now that we are no longer living on paper advertisements. There are new strategies being practiced and to some, it appears to be more of an advantage but to those who are new to these kinds of methods, it’s a struggle.


It is always a competitive world when you are engaged on business hence contentment on a simple advertisement is not on the list when you are surrounded by business that are hot on waving the flag just to be recognized.  In the modern world where computers are the center of information, companies may it be small or large scale, give too much importance on public awareness.

We can’t deny that we are in a world where technology plays an important role so incorporating business in any way with the use of technology became another strategic element to business world. With the benefit of the internet which is the source of all the information, businesses slowly adapt to its concept, making it a part of its advertising strategies such as making a website. These websites are web page where you are able to give information about your product and services.

A specific search engine or keyword is used to directly give the user the answer to what he is searching. SEO or known as Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a web page; thus a successful SEO gives the webpage a top ranking.

As we all take a leap on this new strategy, discussed below are few of its advantage.

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Professional LOL Player

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I’m more than happy to promote one particular company I found that deals in League of Legends accounts. They were absolutely professional and had the fastest turnaround time out of all the companies I worked with. It was nice that they had an instant release on accounts. You receive it automatically from their system by E-mail the moment that your payment goes through, so you don’t have to deal with customer support or anything.

I’m very happy to promote them here on my blog. They’re an A+ company in every sense of the concept. Great customer support (when you actually do have to deal with them, and I did when I was buying accounts for myself in bulk), awesome prices that are much lower compared to the rest of the market, and a huge selection of different accounts to choose from for whatever purpose you’re looking for one—whether it is a smurf or you need one with a ton of champs and skins.…