Understanding chiropractic care for cancer patients: 5 myths busted

Cancer patients often experience a number of side effects, caused by either the cancer or the treatment used to fight it—sometimes both. Research has shown that, in many cases, supportive therapies may help patients manage those side effects and reduce the risk of treatment delays. One such therapy involves chiropractic care, a non-surgical, drug-free option for some patients with pain or stiffness in the neck or back, muscular tension, headaches, peripheral neuropathy, difficulty walking and other disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Like some other supportive therapies, misperceptions and misinformation have clouded some people’s understanding of the impact chiropractic care may have in a cancer care setting. To clear the fog, Dr. Jeff Sklar, Medical Director of Chiropractor Services at our hospital in Philadelphia, responded to five of the most common myths surrounding chiropractic care.

  1. Cancer patients should avoid chiropractors because they can break bones and spread the cancer
  2. Chiropractors only adjust areas of the back
  3. Chiropractic adjustments hurt
  4. Chiropractic care is not safe and positive results are due to the placebo effect
  5. Once you go to a chiropractor, you have to keep going for the rest of your life

Because cancer and its treatment may cause a host of side effects and other complications, Dr. Sklar recommends that cancer patients interested in chiropractic care look for a chiropractor not only trained and experienced in working with cancer patients, but one who works closely with a team of other cancer experts all focused on that patient’s care plan. “I do not treat or diagnose cancer,” he says. “But I am part of a multidisciplinary care team that provides traditional and supportive therapies to assist in pain reduction, and we consult regularly on each patient’s needs and whether any changes to the treatment plan may be necessary.”

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Whiplash Injury and Pain

Whiplash injuries have been extensively studied and researched. There are literally thousands of medical and scientific studies describing every aspect of whiplash injury.

It has been firmly established for nearly two decades that the primary whiplash injury is an inertial injury to the soft tissues (ligaments and muscles) of the facet joints and disc joint of the neck.
(Pain, 1993)

With rare exception, when we need a cavity filled in a tooth, the nerve to the tooth is rendered pain free with an injection of an anesthetic. Anesthesia stops the pain signal from reaching the brain.

For decades, whiplash researchers have been determining the tissue sources of whiplash injury pain, especially for chronic whiplash injury pain. The researchers inject anesthesia into various tissues of the neck to see where the pain is coming from. They can precisely position the anesthetic needle into the exact tissue for assessment by using a motion x-ray machine, called a fluoroscope. When the injection stops the patient’s pain, they know that tissue was responsible for the pain. This protocol has been used to anesthetize the disc joint, the facet joints, the spinal muscles, the spinal nerves, and more, using conscious live patients suffering from chronic whiplash injury pain.

The results have been remarkably consistent. The primary tissue source for chronic whiplash injury pain is the ligaments of the facet joints of the lower neck. The second most common source for chronic whiplash injury pain is the disc joints of the lower neck.

Interestingly, the primary tissue source for chronic whiplash injury headache was the ligaments of the facet joints of the upper part of the neck.

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What You Must Know About Chiropractors

Chiropractic treatment has long been trumpeted as nearly miraculous for folks who had no success in prior attempts to achieve pain relief. The potential for success that comes with seeking chiropractic care seems virtually unlimited, as long as some basic know-how is acquired in advance. Continue perusing the paragraphs below to learn more.

If your back feels sore or tight, apply ice and heat to the area that hurts. If you use heat, try using moist heat, such as a moist heat pad or a warm shower, which is more beneficial. You can also wrap a heating pad with a damp towel and turn on the pad to create moist heat.

Remember that not all chiropractors are the same. Try to find one that sticks largely to conservative treatments focused largely on back pain, but also on other primary problem areas for musculoskeletal issues. Your primary care physician is able to provide you with trusted names and references for you to start your search.

Ask the chiropractor you visit if they allow a discount for multiple sessions. Typically, chiropractic treatment entails numerous visits. It could be a couple appointments a week for a few months. The cost really can add up over time. The chiropractic office may offer a discount if you ask.

If you feel any sort of pain when you are with the chiropractor, be sure to let the doctor know immediately. Your chiropractor may be an expert, but it’s your body. You need to let the doctor know if something that’s happening is causing an unexpected amount of pain.

There is a way to sit in order to keep your spine properly aligned. Start by supporting your lower back with pillow recommended by your chiropractor or a towel that is rolled up. Make sure you keep your knees slightly above or completely level with your hips. Position reading material, the computer, or the television at eye-level.

When it comes to getting quality chiropractic care, it really does pay to solicit personal recommendations from those you trust. Talking to people who have undergone treatment with a given practitioner can give you the direct insight you need. Making sure to take this step will help you avoid low-quality care providers and get the type of treatment you desire.

Do not use your back pocket to carry your wallet. Many men put a wallet in back pockets because they do not know it can hurt your lower back. In addition to potentially harming your lower back, it could cause issues to the bladder and colon. Put the wallet in your front pocket, instead.

Considering the fact that people everywhere have long sworn by chiropractic as the solution to health issues they thought they would have forever, an uptick in interest when it comes to these types of treatment ought to be no surprise. But, without the right type of information, getting great results can prove an elusive goal. Fortunately, the information above can serve as an ongoing reference for all.

Discounting fatty foods can keep you lean

This sets eateries in an alternate type of pressure and changes how they serve and prepare their food. You are able to locate vegan alternatives in restaurants now. Many restaurants are currently offering gluten-intolerant meals. And today, you can enjoy your preferred meal in its low fat version. As you see, it’s not difficult for you to find a restaurant that is wholesome and stick to your specific eating plans and diet.

Healthful eating in a restaurant doesn’t mean you need to experience a complete dining experience. Eateries now are offering takeouts because of their regular and specific menu items. You can always lose by your chosen restaurant and also have a healthy takeout. That is practiced throughout the business, and you can find others, organic restaurants, Mediterranean restaurants, and vegetarian restaurants offering wholesome takeouts with their valued customers.

Dining out in an eatery that is healthier and living a healthier lifestyle would imply that you have to avoid a lot of foods. You may choose to avoid foods and meals that have upgrades when dining out. You’ll understand if there is an upgrade for that particular meal in the event you begin to see the words “superb” and “size” beside it. Naturally, you may need to avoid foods that you could order while waiting in your auto – food.

You may find it too difficult to bid farewell to your succulent and fatty burgers and buns, in the event you are starting on your own healthful diet. It’d be a lot more easy though that you think about eating wholesome food as a lifestyle rather than a quick stop over from your diet that is unhealthy. Selecting a healthier restaurant would not be problematic for you, in the event you are embracing a healthful lifestyle. Obviously, you can have your cheat day at which you can eat sweets your favorite junk food, and oily foods. In the event you are practicing a healthful lifestyle, you’ll not feel guilty over eating pasta, ice cream, or pizza on your cheat day.

Getting a healthy restaurant to dine out would be hard at first, especially when the foods which you like would be the foods that are not great for you. But if you are determined to modify your lifestyle into a healthier one, you have to make certain sacrifices.