How to get rid of acne

If you’re trying to get rid of acne, one of the best things to do is spend a little longer outside in the sun, rather then sitting at home and spending countless hours reading up on the best advice for getting rid of acne on websites like, instead spend the time and enjoy the sun!

You may have noticed that when you go on holiday, your skin looks a lot clearer! Well, that’s because the sun surprisingly, can work wonders on your blemishes, it dries your skin out making your pores decrease making it harder for dirt etc to get in, and pushing any bad stuff out, at first it may seem like it’s getting worse, which can be a nightmare! But that is only because of the excess oil that has been trapped in your skin, coming to the surface, but that shouldn’t take long to pass leaving your skin dry, but looking a lot clearer, because your skin is less prone to breakouts, the less oily your skin is.

If you suffer from severe acne on your face, you can use an exfoliating brush; simply apply your usual face wash morning and night and scrub your face in circular motions, this removes dead skin which will be replaced by new, healthier skin cells, leaving your skin feeling fresh. However, avoid scrubbing too hard as this can irritate the skin and could make things worse, use gentle sweeping motions, that’s all it should take!

After washing your face, the best thing to do is apply a skin cleanser and toner, which can prevent any further breakouts, also sometimes it may seem that applying moisturiser to your face after you have just cleaned it will block up your pores and defeat the whole purpose, however, applying moisturiser to your skin after it is clean can also prevent your skin getting too dry and trapping in any oils that could eventually become bad for you, causing you to break out.

Stress can contribute massively to acne breakouts, it can cause your skin to tighten up and all the negative chemicals in your body are clogging up your pores, to help relieve stress, try having a peaceful aromatic bath every now and then, and create your own little relaxing zone with candles and scented bubble baths, this will give you a huge relief, and you can just forget about all your troubles from work or school, and without you even noticing, the heat of the bath will be opening your pores allowing all those negative chemicals and oils to seep out, whilst you just sit back and relax!

Tea tree oil or aloe Vera can be very soothing for your acne, especially if your skin is irritated and dry. The gel is very gentle and easy on your face, as well as being a great block, stopping any bacteria entering your skin.

One of the biggest offenders for causing bad acne is make-up, it’s a vicious circle, yes make-up might conceal your acne and make it look better temporarily but just imagine all of that muck seeping into your pores, without you even feeling it, until you see the nasty results the next day, it takes alot for people to try and stop wearing make-up because they think it makes them look better, but in the long run it just makes it worse, let your skin breathe for a while and see the results!

If it is vital for you to shave any of the affected areas, try and do it as gently as possible, as this can only irritate our skin more and can cut any of your spots, which doesn’t seem too nice, because it isn’t! This can spread the bacteria to other parts of the affected area just making things a whole lot worse! You should be very delicate when shaving the affected area.

It may seem like an old time myth especially if you’re fonder of fizzy drinks or tea and coffee, but drinking water really can help your skin, it hydrates you and your skin leaving you feeling fresh and clean, 8 glasses a day may seem like a lot, but like applying moisturiser, when your skin is hydrated it can’t dry up too much trapping excess oil and dirt under the surface.

If your acne problem is mainly your face, try to avoid sleeping with your face on the pillow, try sleeping on your back, this avoids your skin rubbing against the pillow and night angering and irritating your blemishes causing them to lash out abruptly the following morning! Also cleaning your bed clothes/sheets regularly prevents the bacteria from the pillow, which would have came from your face or your hairs natural oils etcfrom entering the pores and making your face dirty again!

Many facial scrubs and acne cleansers say that they can clear up acne, because they get right down deep into your pores to remove any excess dirt and oil, which no other facial care can- you see the adverts every day, but have you ever actually came across one that really can do exactly what it says on the tub! However, microdermabration strips dirt and black heads out of your pores using mild suctions and abrasions, removing layers of skin, don’t worry though, although it sounds tough, your skin will not be damaged in the process, it is still gentle enough to remove only a thin layer of skin. The crystals lift and dead skin cells allowing the vacuum to suck them away, it’s as simple as that really!

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